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How Miss Darlin started?

Formerly  known as She Loves Vintage, a solution-oriented brand creating the next generation of Pin Up inspired loungewear and accessories established in 2018 by renowned recording artist Tanya Trotter of the husband and wife duo The War and Treaty. Miss Darlin was created Tanya is a retro style trendsetter who started She Loves Vintage because of her love for all things vintage. "I started She Loves Vintage as a personal page on social media". Tanya says "Whenever we traveled I would buy a vintage piece here and there and sell it online. Eventually I shifted my attention to designing my own Pin Up illustrations because whenever I would shop, I couldn't find any Pin Ups of color on any apparel." She Loves Vintage has now become the home of Miss Darlin, a glamourous pin up who pays homage to classic eras from the 1900s to the 1980s, focusing on embracing the curvaceous body of Miss Darlin, all while delivering effortless classic glamour looks. ‎

‎Each exclusive design is carefully designed by Tanya, a proud Afro Latina/American designer raised in Washington, DC originally launched She Loves Vintage because she couldn't find a retro Tee with Brown Girls on them. What started out as a shop in my closet hobby has now exploded into brand with a much needed call to action. Miss Darlin and her friends from ‎from all cultures are now on everything from T-Shirts to luggage.

‎"Our brand is and will always be inclusive" says Trotter "I'm just excited that women and men all around the world are just as excited about my line as I am".  Brown Girls are now seen in the Pin Up World and She Loves Vintage is helping lead the way with Miss Darlin and her neo-retro movement style and catchphrase "Whoa Darlin". ‎

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